Doors NOW OPEN to The PINK Millionaire Wealth Builder Boutique!

Find us at the New Black Wall Street Market

The Wealth Builder Boutique is an opportunity that any smart woman would not want to miss. You'll get to learn skills such as how to invest wisely, build up your personal brand to run a profitable business and of course, how to incorporate self care and love into your daily routine

It's a holistic approach to build wealth without sacrificing quality time with the ones you love including yourself

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The Wealth Builder Boutique will be the first stop for all your financial needs, from banking to investing and more

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Our PINK Millionaire Club Membership

and Consulting Services

Financial Services

  • Start A Family Bank
  • Life Insurance
  • Strategic Portfolio Planning
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Cryptocurrency Training
  • Retirement Planning
  • Financial Literacy Workshops

Business Services

  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Personal & Business Credit
  • Social Media Training
  • Press for Your Business
  • Amazon & E-Commerce Store Startup
  • Wealth & Business Books and Resources

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The Wealth Builder Boutique is OFICIALLY IN BUSINESS. Here you'll be able to enroll in the PINK Millionaire Club, get exclusive products, courses and PINK Milli swag!

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8109 Mall Parkway

A.G Gaston Lane, Suite 118-120

New Black Wall Street Market
PH (877) 825-6391 FAX (678) 550-9395

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